It all starts when you reach out to us about your countertops. You can just send a message or look to schedule a time. Every project starts with a conversation and it's key that we gather the right information to propose and share the right options for your countertop project.
After collecting information we move to scheduling a meeting with you. At the meeting we will answer more of your questions, as well as show you specific granite, marble, quartz and other counter tops. Everything from color to style will be covered to help inform the best choice.
Countertops are all about visual reactions and everyone is different. We have a lot of example countertops in various states to see. Unlike a lot of other operations who only work on countertops occasionally, our business is dedicated to the craft. We are proud of our facility and a visit definitely helps inform your project.
Prep Work
After the decisions are made, the schedules and materials agreed upon, it's time to get to work! We ensure we have the proper slab available (and if not we get it for you!) and begin preparations. Machine-precise measurements are taken and the cuts made by our expert craftsmen. Edges are then sanded and otherwise shaped or grooved. The countertop piece, or pieces, are then made ready for transport.
Delivery is an exciting time for you and for us. All of the communication, all of the preparation result in your new countertop arriving! We carefully package the countertop for transport, using appropriate travel carts and securing. No corners are cut. Your countertop will arrive looking just as pristine on arrival as it did during departure.
We have the right countertop at the right location! Next we professionally install it. We have already visited the installation site to prepare for installation and to ensure we know exactly what to expect. Our crew arrives with our tools to do the job. We treat your home, office or other space with respect. We clean up after ourselves. We communicate and let you know what to expect with installation.
The countertop is installed, so the job is done, right? No. After every installation we go through for a final inspection. Our owner wants to make sure that everything was done appropriately and that the customer is absolutely satisfied with the product. We have a final inspection for every single job that we work on. We ask questions, like if you can see the seam below?